Painting Life


Dreams of brilliant images dance before my eyes.  Shimmering water, a vivid blue.  Trees reaching across the swirling sky.  I stretch and awaken into the day.

My brush sweeps across the blank canvas.  Darks and lights, bold and strong.  Contrast.  Now colour beckons.  But the vivid splotches start to obscure.  The subject falls apart and descends into a chaotic jumble.


I fight the fear.  Breathe into the chaos.  Have faith and keep going.  Ego fades.  Forms and shapes emerge from within the colours.  Vision and spirit rise.


The lines coalesce.  The subject sings.  I am dancing in fields of colour.  Swimming in the ocean of flow.  My heart is open.  My spirit soars.  Completion.

I step away from the canvas.  Turn and step back into the world.  Turn to wander desolate shores and sing beneath open skies.   Turn away to enliven my spirit and refuel my soul.

Artist Statement


My location seems to shift almost as quickly as my thoughts.  I have lived up and down the West Coast of Canada and the United States, from big cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, to small communities on the Gulf Islands like Texada and Gabriola.  My travels have also taken me through France, Italy, Greece, Finland, England, Wales, Mexico and the East Coast of the United States.  What I love most about travel is the shifting landscape and people, the sense of possibility and expansiveness, and the visual, emotional and sensory feast for my creative soul.



Currently I am living on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.  My ideas often spring into being from the landscape around me, and can come from sources as varied as the wild flourishing rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, to troubling shifting dream landscapes, to the beautiful timeworn structures and landscapes in Europe.   Recently, the stories and pictures from my brother Aaron’s motorcycle voyages into the mountains and villages of China have also leapt into my paintings.

I have a deep and abiding love for nature and the natural world, yet somehow, although this appreciation is prevalent, there also exists an intense dichotomy within me.  I am pulled between the buzz and sophisticated pleasures of city life and the slower paced natural rural environment.  My life here on the coast of Vancouver Island is relatively harmonious, yet I also live in modern society, in a world that is in intense turmoil.  Moreover, the life I have created as an adult is in direct contrast to the unsettled and often troubled environment I grew up in as a child.  

This past year I have been mostly focused on creating paintings that reflect my travels, voyages and life throughout this world.  They come together in vivid acrylic paintings that evoke the feeling, sense and perceptions of the landscapes, buildings and people around me.  The style flows naturally out of my vision.  Some paintings are quite impressionistic, while others have deeper shadows and stronger images, still others are more stylized, incorporating abstract elements within them.

Ultimately, all my creative works, whether painting, story or poem, reflect aspects of who I am and how I walk in this strange and beautiful world we live in.